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My name is Dale Sellers. I’m a gifted Psychic Medium, Channeler, Claircognizant, Clairvoyant, Paranormal Investigator & Cleanser, Past Lives Reader & Healer, and Energy Healer & Shifter. I was born and raised in Newmarket, Ontario, Canada and I currently reside in the GTA region of Ontario, Canada. My intuitive abilities have been present since childhood, and I work for clients all over the world. I’ve walked a long and challenging, but interesting path, overcoming many challenges and tests along the way. I tend to interact with my clients by giving them a “hand up” rather than just a “hand out.” I don’t just convey information and do the work: I empower you to move forward in your life, and I solve any spiritually based problems you’re experiencing. I’m ready to serve you. Visit my website, or contact me by email at In regards to my paranormal work, I’ve classified my work into “human spirits only” and “human spirits and other negative entities.” In addition, I’m available to speak at a variety of groups, conferences, and functions. I can do my work across the miles too, as there is no distance in intuition and energy. Contact me today! I look forward to hearing from you!

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Kindly visit the About Me section on my website for more information.

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